Sunday, October 18, 2009

I haven't blogged for so long - which is really the recurrent theme of this blog, I suppose.  But for reasons I can no longer ignore, I must blog again.  This time, however, it's for one solitary purpose...

My sweet baby girl is shockingly, speedily, unabashedly growing up before my eyes.  I haven't blogged about her for so long because (I justified, to myself) I was busy being consumed in the day to day of her being.  I couldn't spare a moment to write about her, because I was so busy being with her.  I try to randomly post on facebook the exciting moments of the day, and capture her sweet moments in pictures shot on my blackberry.  But, it's getting harder and harder to remember all the funny, sweet, wonderful moments with my baby girl - who's not so much of a baby anymore - and I need to start writing them down. 

For example, I just had to leave this blog and my train of thought to run into the other room when I heard across the monitor "Mommy!!! I need help with my diaper!!!" Upon entering the room, I found Sophie quite distressed, with a diaper in her hand and no diaper on her naked body.  "Sophie," I said, "did you take your diaper off?" Her reply? "No mommy. Diaper came off. Sophie no take diaper off!"  Relieved that there was no poo in the diaper, I put it back on and happily obliged when she asked, "Mommy, rock you again please?"  Who could resist that? So I did, and she protested being tired but quickly fell asleep in my arms.  Ahhh...there is TRULY nothing better in the world.  

I digress. Back to the future of the blog.  In an attempt to slow down time and capture the sweet and wonderful moments of childhood, I'm changing the format of these updates.  They'll now be letters to my darling Sophia - similar to the private journal and letters I've been writing to her since before she was born.  But, I promise to put the sweet and funny ones out here, for all of you following along in this world wide web of ours.  Feel free to check in, have a laugh and share in our tender moments.  Just know that I've found a new audience I'm desperate to write for - my two year old daughter. 


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