Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Sophie.

Today at church, Pastor Greg was talking about the scandalous love that God has for all of us.  I am so grateful for you, because being your mom helps me to understand God better and why He loves us the way He does.  I get it, because it's the same way I love you! ;-)

Anyway...when you and I got home, we were walking in the house and you said, "Mommy - where's Jesus?"  And I told you, "He's in our hearts".  To which you replied with a follow-up question of "in our heart boxes, mommy?"

It's moments like this when I can't figure out if I should laugh, cry or think you're the smartest kid on the planet.  Your favorite show - Ni hao, Kai-lan - strikes again.  On one of the episodes, Kai-Lan goes to China. It's a very big deal for her, and she takes her most prized possessions with her inside of her very special heart box.  She shows the people she loves what she has inside her heart(box) and it's super sweet.  I can't begin to understand how you could possible equate the two concepts (Jesus in our hearts vs special treasures in our heart boxes) but I am so proud and in awe of you.  

I couldn't even correct you, because technically I think Jesus would be in our heart boxes, if we had them.  I know this, my sweet are definitely in MY heart, box or not. 

your mommy

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