Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Sophie -

It's Monday, and a busy one at that.  So much so that I've been locked away with my work and haven't even had the chance to kiss you good morning yet - one of the great benefits of working from home.  I miss you my sweet child, and you are busy with your day, not even stopping yet to knock on my door and rush in for hugs.

But you are still ever present in my thoughts and my heart.  My love for you is unending.  Just because you haven't seen me yet today, I am still here with you.

While you slept, I watched over you, prayed over you, gave thanks for you.  When you fell asleep last night, I crept into your room to turn off the lamp next to your bed - your security blanket for the uneasiness darkness brings you.  Early this morning, when fall's chill covered your room, I layed a warm blanket over your sweet little body to keep you warm.  And as you stirred in your bed this morning, I heard you and gave thanks that a new day with you was about to unfold. 

In all this, I am reminded of the way God loves us. 

In the same way that I am constantly checking on you, brushing the hair from your face while you sleep, adjusting your pillow to make you more comfortable, snuggling up next to you in the night, God does the same for us.  He is always present, always protecting, always comforting.  Only he doesn't take a break to watch TLC on Sunday nights like I do.  In that sense, it's so humbling to think that no one could love you more, deeper or better than I do.  But He does. It is He who sets the example.  I am just a poor reflection of His beautiful love.  As much as I am there, He is ALWAYS there. 

And as I rushed into my day today, not stopping even for a moment to say good morning to my heavenly Father, I am reminded that He is still there.  Listening to me, watching me, loving me.  Knowing that He gave to me - and delights in - another day to love and adore Him is overwhelming.

So as I give thanks for you, I also give thanks to Him.  Another day to love Him, to love you, to enjoy our sweet family.  We are so blessed and so loved.  I hope you find this peace and truth in your own life sweet girl.

And as you grow and your days get busier, just remember there is someone here - watching, loving and waiting for you to turn around and notice.

It's Jesus.

Turns out, He really does love you more than your mama - how's that for a mind blowing Monday?

I love you my baby girl,

Momy (that's how you are spelling Mommy these days ;-)