Monday, April 13, 2009

To the creaters of the game, Elefun (aka Hasbro),

I purchased your game for my nearly two year old daughter this weekend, on the advice of a friend of mine. And, I have a few words for you...

1. Your game is not "a trunk full of fun", as you advertise. In fact, it's not even close. You see, "full" indicates to me that there's a lot of something. Your game gives me 24 "butterflies" that shoot out of the 4 foot trunk in about 4 seconds. Then it takes 5 minutes to relocate said butterflies, shove them back in the trunk and play for another four seconds. I think this might qualify as cruel and unusual punishment, not fun. In fact, my child has more fun watching pee-pee flush down the toilet, standing guard, ceremoniously waving bye-bye as she chants "bye-bye pee-pee, bye-bye pee-pee" AND it lasts longer than your game!

2. Your "butterflies" - if you can call a little tiny piece of fabric (is it fabric? is it paper?) stapled in the middle a butterfly - need some improvement. Can you please maybe weight some of them differently so they don't ALL fly out of the trunk at the exact same time? This might result in the game lastly slightly longer and giving me an actual shot at catching some of the darn things in the fish nets provided.

3. Your game says you don't need to read anything, in order to play. But, I had to read that to figure it out, didn't I? Maybe you should change that to say "no instructions needed for play"? Though a few instructions for how to make the game last longer would be nice!

4. Are you parents? Do you play these games at home with your own children before you put them on the market? Can you tell me how to make my game go in slow motion like it does on tv?

5. What is it about this silly game that makes my daughter say "watch mommy" everytime the butterflies come shooting out? Yeah kid...I know they're coming. And in a couple seconds, you can watch me pick them all up. And shove them back into the trunk. Over and over and over again. "watch mommy lose her mind!"

I can't wait to see what games you'll come up with next!

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Kristy said...

Hahaha, we always had those same problems, and yet the kids were addicted. I always told myself I would make more tissue paper butterflies to add in, but I just let the kids outgrow the game instead. ;)