Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rookie Initiation???

I try to keep my stories on this blog somewhat light-hearted. But, there are some situations that cross my path, where I have to make a choice. Either I can curl up in the fetal position and cry, or I can laugh hysterically. Since God blessed me with an abundant supply of humor, even if it is sometimes sick, sadistic or morbid, I choose to laugh. Because it's the only thing that keeps me moving forward in life!

My husband called tonite, to tell me he wouldn't be calling me on his lunch break. Instead, he had to take "a call". He then preceded to explain the call he would be "taking" wasn't actually a call, but rather a high risk traffic stop.

What makes a traffic stop high risk, you might ask? Well, a number of things. Stolen cars, known offenders, kidnapping, etc. What type of high risk traffic stop will my husband be making?

Oh...nothing too serious. Just the kind you have to make when you've been following people who are transporting MURDER SUSPECTS. Lovely...

As I felt my body enter a state of hyperventilation, my sensible husband told me not to worry. He's just pulling over the transporters...not the actual MURDERER.

Oh. Well....I see. That makes it so much better! I'm glad you cleared it up for me, because I'm sure they're stand-up citizens who pay taxes, go to church and help old ladies cross the road. What am I worried about?? I'm sure they NEVER use guns when transporting CRIMINALS who "allegedly" kill other people!!!

Calm as a cucumber, my husband continued to chat briefly with me, as I could hear his radio going off in the background, the dispatcher giving his location and providing a blow by blow of what they were expecting to go down. And they wanted Andy to take the call, since he's been working on his own and will be fully released to his new team next week. So...they gotta see what he's made of, I guess.

"Well...I better go now. I kind of need to listen, cuz it's gonna be my turn in a minute."

Your turn??? Are you using the slide at a playground?? Red rover, red rover...send someone ELSE right over!!

That's when my funny bone got an itch. It is kinda humorous to think about what's in a day's work for most people. And how even scary jobs can get monotonous. I certainly will not win the "most exciting" "most random" or "most absurd" day at work awards in the hill house any longer!

So, I hope you enjoyed that and got a snicker or two. All laughing aside, I'm gonna go say a prayer or two, just in case those "transporters" don't turn out to be the friendly kind.

So, kiss your loved ones and be thankful when they come home every night. And don't forget to laugh at the ridiculous things you come across in life. It could always be worse!

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